Trail Work

If you’ve set foot on a Montana trail chances are pretty good that you’ve walked on some of the trail we built or restored. Whether you’re deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Glacier National Park or taking a stroll on the Rivers Edge Trail in Great Falls you can see our work.

Thompson Park Trail Reroute

Thomson Park, MT

Central Divide crews were fortunate to team up with a group of AmeriCorps members from St. Louis, MO. These folks felled a lot of trees for our trail, had some decent moves on saws, and showed us ways to improve our wardrobe by doing things like strapping giant knives to your leg. Our sponsor invited the 25 or so St. Louis kids and both MCC crews to her house for an amazing BBQ. She fed us an elk that she shot, which was delicious, and everything else on the spread was fantastic. Plus it was sweet to hang out with a big batch of strangers that were very cool and fun to meet. Ryan had the opportunity to model Jocelyn’s “chaps” from her elk kill and impressed everyone.

The First Lady of Montana, Nancy Schweitzer, paid us a visit and swung a Pulaski with us. Some of us got on the news. My heart swelled with pride to see Ryan and Chance representing MCC with their hard work and skill. See the video.

Backcountry Trail Maintenance

Selway Bitterroot Wilderness and surrounding Wildlands; Bitterroot, NezPerce, and Clearwater National Forests

The Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness (SBW) is at the heart of the wildland complex where eight MCC crews will spend time maintaining and restoring trails in during the 2010 field season. Having a geographic focus for the work of the Western Wildlands regional office creates a bond among crews. The knowledge that everybody is working towards a common goal the enhancement of recreational opportunities in this wild landscape of public land creates a sense of purpose for each member that transcends the work of their crew and creates a sense of pride that they are part of a bigger regional stewardship effort in the greater SBW area.

Devil’s Club Trail

Cabinet Mountain Wilderness, Cabinet Ranger District; Kootenai National Forest

Re-establishment of a non-motorized trail to the basin below Dad Peak. Due to natural elements (rain, snow, gravity) and infrequent maintenance, the trail required nearly full reconstruction through much of the basin, which grows huge thickets of alder. Not only is the location stunning, but improving the previously difficult user access to this incredible basin gave the crew a strong sense of purpose.

Salmon-Challis National Forest Immersion Crew

Challis, Idaho

MCC wilderness immersion crews tackle the longest projects of the field season.  In the rugged terrain of the Salmon Challis National Forest, crews labored to complete brushing, rock construction, bridge construction, and create water bars to enhance this beautiful section of remote wilderness trail.  Immersion crews spend almost all of their term of service in the backcountry.

Teton Collaboration

Driggs, Idaho

MCC Expedition Youth crews partnered with the Forest Service to perform needed trail maintenance in the Jedediah Smith Wilderness.  The Jedediah Smith Wilderness was created to preserve the west slope of the rugged Teton Range.

South Fork Trails, Shoshone National Forest

South Fork Trails, Shoshone National Forest

The EW crew traveled the wilds of the ‘the Horse Forest’ on foot and horseback, vigorously digging into eroded mountainsides to reopen trails for outfitters, guides, and hunting parties so they may all reach the remote area of the Thorofare. The crew perfected horsemanship skills in the backcountry, all the while living primitively.

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