Weatherization Training Seminar

Bozeman, MT

For the past five years each region has closed out the season by participating in the weatherization program implemented through the state’s Warm Hearts Warm Homes initiative.  With the training and supplies they are given teams of two or three MCC members spend time at multiple homes each day installing energy-saving devices to help out the low-income residents.  Along with the weather stripping, window coverings and water-heater wraps crews are instructed how to educate each resident on the use of their new energy-saving measures, as well as give them tips on cutting costs during the winter:  turn out lights in rooms that aren’t being used, use a programmable thermostat and/or turn down the heat at night or when you’re out of the house, change furnace filters monthly, etc.  The carbon monoxide detectors have been a big hit, prompting a big ‘thank you’ from one of the residents.  We received a letter explaining how she’d been nervous having three (probably dirty) strangers in her home, but when her carbon monoxide detector alerted her to a leak in the middle of the night, it ended up saving her life.

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