Sponsor a Crew

You name it, we do it. Each year, our MCC crews maintain and construct backcountry and urban trails, plant trees, stabilize streambanks, build fences, enhance wildlife habitat, paint and fix up public buildings, develop camping facilities, build community gardens, assist with special events, and more. Over 200 nonprofit and governmental agencies use our services across Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and the Dakotas. 

If you would like to discuss hosting an MCC crew, contact an MCC Regional Director. Our staff can help determine if you have a quality project that could be accomplished by our crews. 

Why Become a MCC Project Partner?

  • Members bring youthful energy and enthusiasm and motivate existing staff.
  • See members in action and get early exposure to your future workforce.
  • Develop the next generation of conservation leaders.
  • Encourage young people to care about their communities and environment.

Change the life of a young person.

“I have become more aware of the challenges of living with a group of different people and how to resolve conflicts. I have learned more about what it means to be committed to a job and to work as part of a team. These things have made me a more mature and understanding person and these attributes will make my life in general much more successful, whether it be a future job or just interpersonal relationships.”

“I learned to be confident in my own abilities and that I can do a lot more than I ever imagined if I allow myself to try. I have learned that not doing something because I don’t want to fail is way worse than attempting it and failing. I think that this is the lesson I can take with me for the rest of my life and use in any situation.” 

“I can lead and take charge. Now that I’ve done that for a crew, maybe I can start taking charge of my own life.”

Project Partner Testimonials

“Great crew all around. I enjoyed watching the group dynamics and it really reminded me of how close you can get in these crews and the importance of working together and being a team. Great attitudes and lots of compliments from people that worked with these guys. Excellent work. Thank you.“
Vincent Nagashima, Yellowstone National Park, National Park Service.

“I am extremely impressed with the crew’s attitude, work ethic, land ethic, and productivity. This experience has renewed my faith and interest in the caring for the land by a young group of adults. Working with the MCC group has been one of the best experiences of my career, which spans 30 years” 
Jim Sparks, Bureau of Land Management